Where the history
of Jerez starts
Our Fundador Wineries, since 1730, the oldest in Jerez
Their origin dates back to 1730 and, from their conception, they have been closely linked to the surname Domecq. In spite of its French origin, this lineage will always be rooted in this land, as well as the history of its wines and brandies.

Possibly the most historically important member of the Domecq family is Pedro Domecq Loustau, who will be remembered in time immemorial for being the creator of Fundador, the first Spanish brandy.

Pedro Domecq Loustau
Our architecture is part of our identity
Its architectural complex is the oldest in Jerez and is one of the most spectacular. It houses the gate at Puerta de Rota, part of the Arab wall of the Middle Ages, and the impressive garden designed in 1823. A perfectly integrate wine cellar architecture that shows the importance of the surrounding wine industry.
Among the buildings that make up the totality of the wineries we would like to highlight El Castillo, El Molino, La Tribuna, La Luz and La Mezquita.
A place full of memories
Its origin dates back to 1730, in an old seventeenth century mill. It is a very special place due to its centennial walls, ancestral columns, and enologic relics, such as the first Fundador barrel signed by King Alfonso XIII, all of which are considered gems of enology.
The barrel signed by King Alfonso XII
El Molino, La Tribuna, La Luz and La Mezquita

The winery El Molino displays many barrels dedicated to illustrious characters who have visited us over the years: King Fernando VII, Victoria Eugenia, Alexander Fleming, Gregorio Marañón and Jacinto Benavente, among others.

Leading into the Patio del Sagrado Corazon, in one corner the garden of Puerta de Rota, while the other has a small fountain with a bust of D. Pedro Domecq Loustau. Crossing the courtyard, we find La Tribuna, from which you can access the Patio de la Luz.

Finally, we have the Bodega de la Luz, built at the end of the nineteenth century and so named for being the first to have electric light. This is where the first Spanish brandy was created, Fundador.

The entrance to Patio Sagrado Corazón
Los Claustros
This patio, perhaps one of the most beautiful corners of the winery, was once the cloister of the Convent of the Holy Spirit. the oldest remaining one in Jerez, dating back to the 14th century.
Patio Los Claustros
A colossal space that houses more than 40,000 American oak barrels
The Mezquita, the great winery
This majestic winery is one of the largest in the world. Inaugurated in 1974 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Fundador brand, it was called "La Gran Bodega" because it was destined to store all of the “soleraje” of the first Spanish brandy. Once finished, both its appearance and its impressive dimensions fit this moniker.
Enjoy Fundador with the five senses

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Visita guiada en Bodegas Fundador recorriendo lugares emblemáticos como la Bodega La Mezquita o la más antigua de Jerez, El Molino. Al terminar la visita, se realizará una degustación de Vinos y Brandies de Jerez y Cócteles preparados con ellos en uno de nuestros bonitos patios, El Patio de San Pedro. Todo ello será amenizado por un grupo de Jazz que tocará música en directo.

Fecha: Todos los jueves de Julio y Agosto
Hora: 20h
Acceso: Entrada por C/ Puerta de Rota
Fácil aparcamiento en C/ Cuesta de la Chaparra