The vineyards
Cerro Viejo
Located in the Pago Cerro de Santiago, the vineyards of Cerro Viejo are some of the most famous vineyards in Spain. They date back to approximately 1827, and are presently one of the main creators and growers of Sherry.
Measuring about 500ha, Garvey vineyards has characteristics typical of Jerez, land of vineyards.
Features of Cerro Viejo

Its soil is albariza, a white clay-based soil that is easy to plow and is the most suitable for our vineyards.

In September, when the palomino grape is soft and sweet, it is harvested and taken to the press, where the must is obtained. The Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grape varieties are dried before becoming wine.

Between September and December, a double fermentation takes place, the first one turns the sugar into alcohol, the second one begins to endow the wines with their characteristics of ‘crianza” wine.

In December it is classified and separated with "velo de flor" the “finos”, the “manzanillas” and “amontillados” or without "velo de flor", “olorosos”. The Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez wines follow a similar process to the Olorosos.

Bunch of Palomino Grape
Albariza, white clay-based soil perfect for harvesting the grapevine
Very high rainfall, with easterly and westerly winds
Highly variable, can range from 4 ° to 40 °
Type of Grape
In our fields there are two types of grapes: Palomino and Pedro Ximénez
Created by Soleraje
Years and years of Solera make Garvey one of the most emblematic Wineries of Jerez

We use a traditional system to age our wine and brandies. Our American oak barrels are stacked in rows The barrels have a staggered arrangement, those that are closer to the ground contain the oldest wine and are called "soleras", the first row of them the "1st batch", the next the "2nd batch" and so on.

When the wine is ready for consumption it is removed from the “solera” and the second oldest batch replaces the brew to become the new “solera”. All of the batches are replaced in turn, and a new, young batch begins its aging process at the top of the barrel arrangement. This methodology allows for a never-ending aging process and the wine is constantly moving.

Discover the Garvey Winery

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Visita guiada en Bodegas Fundador recorriendo lugares emblemáticos como la Bodega La Mezquita o la más antigua de Jerez, El Molino. Al terminar la visita, se realizará una degustación de Vinos y Brandies de Jerez y Cócteles preparados con ellos en uno de nuestros bonitos patios, El Patio de San Pedro. Todo ello será amenizado por un grupo de Jazz que tocará música en directo.

Fecha: Todos los jueves de Julio y Agosto
Hora: 20h
Acceso: Entrada por C/ Puerta de Rota
Fácil aparcamiento en C/ Cuesta de la Chaparra