A winery full
of tradition
These wineries originate in 1780, from the mind of the Irish aristocrat William Garvey

This businessman came to Jerez with the intention of buying Merino sheep to cross-breed them with, and thus improve, the ones he already had in Ireland.

No one really knows why, but he stayed in Jerez and try his luck in the world of wine. We can speculate that it was either his love for the daughter of the captain of the Spanish Navy, Sebastiana Gonzalez Jimenez, or the surprising mercantile atmosphere he found in Spain that kept him from returning to his island of origin. Despite not having any previous experience in winemaking, he showed natural talent, and soon began to forge a reputation in the sector.

William Garvey
Garvey: “Saint Patrick guides us”
Garvey began his enterprise by buying small batches that he would send to England and Ireland. His company began growing little by little, but William had a dream: to build the largest winery in the city. In order to achieve this goal, and, trusting in the refrain “St. Patrick guides us”, he entrusted his success to the Irish patron, and promised St. Patrick that if he succeeded, the winery would bear his name. With time and effort, Garvey was able to achieve his goal.
In Jerez it is a ritual to make wine using our system of “soleras” and “criaderas”. This way the old wine lends its strength and potency to the young wine. But not just any wine can be Jerez wine.
Betting on Sherries
Another one of William’s business decisions consisted in taking a chance on what is now known as the “fino” wines from Jerez, which were then called "pajizos" and were often overlooked and used to make vinegars. Garvey saw their potential and began exporting them in large quantities.
Soleraje Barrels
Its prestige: a long-lasting legacy

Many generations of the Garvey family have cultivated and created the prestige and indisputable quality that Garvey wine currently boasts.

The pillar of this family has always been the guaranteed purity in the selection of their products, something that has earned them the deserved fame they have today.

After a long journey and an enriching legacy, Garvey wines treasure an indisputable role in representing the wines of Jerez. Centuries of knowledge and constant care are taken to assure the quality of the brand.

Bodega Garvey
Enjoy Bodegas Garvey

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Visita guiada en Bodegas Fundador recorriendo lugares emblemáticos como la Bodega La Mezquita o la más antigua de Jerez, El Molino. Al terminar la visita, se realizará una degustación de Vinos y Brandies de Jerez y Cócteles preparados con ellos en uno de nuestros bonitos patios, El Patio de San Pedro. Todo ello será amenizado por un grupo de Jazz que tocará música en directo.

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