The vineyards
El Majuelo Vineyard and Macharnudo Castle
Near Sanlúcar, Jerez de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa María and surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Guadalquivir and Guadalete rivers. The Bodegas Fundador vineyards measure 275ha.
The District of Macharnudo
Macharnudo, was a strategic and defensive enclave in medieval times, when they used to build “almenaras” (guard towers/beacon) on the highest hills. Together with Santa Bárbara, in the District of Orbaneja, it is one of the most famous vineyard districts in the area.
Macharnudo Castle
The Castle of Macharnudo is probably the birthplace for this legendary brand. The property, named Majuelo, was the first property that Domecq acquired when he arrived in Jerez in 1732, and later became his summer residence. The tower, unmatched in its surroundings of the countryside of Jerez, dates to the seventeenth century. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries new facilities were added to the complex: houses, a cellar, a winery, warehouse and even a chapel, where the parishioners of the small community that grew around the Castle worshipped.
Macharnudo Castle
Characteristics of El Majuelo

Aspects that make our wines unique include the very soil found in the region where the wine is produced. Named “albariza”, it is a white clay- based land that is able to retain humidity and is easy to plow, but is not rich in organic matter, something that favors the flavor profile of our grapes: Palomino and Pedro Ximénez.

The weather conditions in which we grow our crops are unbeatable. El Majuelo is the southernmost vineyard in Europe, and has a very warm climate and very high rainfall. The vineyard benefits from both westerly winds (fresh and humid) and easterly ones (warm and dry). The temperature is highly variable and can reach 40ºc on a hot summer’s day, but the dew of the nights reduces the stress of the heat on the grapevines.

Grape collection
Sherries, white earth and clay, perfect for growing the vines.
Very high rainfall, with easterly and westerly winds
Highly variable, can range from 4°c to 40°c
Type of grape_
We use two varieties of grapes in our wines: Palomino and Pedro Ximénez
Created by Soleraje
Good Soleras, create excellent wines

The barrels have a staggered arrangement. Those that are closer to the ground contain the oldest wine and are called "soleras", the first row of them the "1st batch", the next the "2nd batch" and so on.

When the wine is ready for consumption it is removed from the “solera” and the second oldest batch replaces the brew to become the new “solera”. All of the batches are replaced in turn, and a new, young batch begins its aging process at the top of the barrel arrangement.

Using this methodology, the wine is constantly moving. We believe it is fundamental to always have young high-quality wines ready to begin the aging process. We also do not remove more than 1/3 of the “soleras” from the wine barrels yearly. This process allows for a never-ending aging process.

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Visita guiada en Bodegas Fundador recorriendo lugares emblemáticos como la Bodega La Mezquita o la más antigua de Jerez, El Molino. Al terminar la visita, se realizará una degustación de Vinos y Brandies de Jerez y Cócteles preparados con ellos en uno de nuestros bonitos patios, El Patio de San Pedro. Todo ello será amenizado por un grupo de Jazz que tocará música en directo.

Fecha: Todos los jueves de Julio y Agosto
Hora: 20h
Acceso: Entrada por C/ Puerta de Rota
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